LAG Forum Members

Rural PhotosThe LAG Forum

The LAG Forum gets together for lively meetings that always include tea and cake! Every single project that applies for funding comes to the LAG Forum to be assessed and endorsed by LAG Forum members. Each member is able to read through the applications prior to a meeting, meet the people applying on the night, listen to their ideas, ask questions and then assess the project for funding. No experience is necessary as we provide lots of support – all you need to be a LAG Forum member is enthusiasm, a love of your community and the Heart of Wessex area itself, and a commitment to wanting to get the best out of it. It sounds simple, and it really is!

We know that as a local person you bring with you a knowledge and understanding of your local community that means you have a really good idea of which projects will be successful – and if there’s another 100 local people there with you the depth and breadth of skills and understanding when assessing projects is unrivalled.

It can sometimes be a little daunting coming along to a group as the new person, but our LAG recognises that the more people that are there the better the decision making process, so everyone is particularly welcome.

The roles of a LAG Forum member:

  • Help identify strong projects that fit within the national priorities and those set out in the Local Development Strategy
  • Meet and network with other members, project applicants and those that have received funding
  • Monitor performance of the LAG and discuss priorities for the year ahead at the Annual Forum (usually held in May)
  • Stand for election to the Executive Committee. Final decision making powers are delegated to this group, a mix of LAG Forum members, and representatives from core partner organisations. Elections are held annually (usually at the Annual Forum)
  • Stand for election to be the Chair or Vice-Chair of the LAG Forum
  • Elect members of the Executive Committee and the Chair and Vice-Chair of the LAG Forum