How to Apply


There are two stages to the application process and you can download further information about how to apply from the Downloads & Links page

Stage 1 – Expression of Interest (assessed by the Programme Management Team) – ALL EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST MUST BE RECEIVED BY 15HT MAY 2019!

Stage 2 – Full Application (approved by LAG Executive Committee)

Important – Before you complete an Expression of Interest,  you must read the Applicant Handbook to check you meet the funding criteria. You should then contact the Programme Management Team who will carry out an initial project eligibility check with you to ensure that what you are proposing is deliverable and meets both the national LEADER priorities (see Applicants Handbook for more detail) and our local priorities outlined in our Local Development Strategy . Our Local Development Strategy was developed with local people, communities, groups and businesses and sets out the local priorities for the Heart of Wessex LAG area, focussing particularly on actions that will bring about economic benefits to our area. We will then email you a copy of the Expression of Interest Form if your project meets our funding criteria.

Once you have submitted your completed Expression of Interest Form, you will receive an email acknowledgement within 5 working days. We will then assess your Expression of Interest and provide feedback within 14 working days.  All enquiries will be dealt with confidentially. Please note we can only accept electronic submissions of the application forms. Contact Us if you have any problems.

Expression of Interests will be assessed by the Programme Management Team by means of an Eligibility and Completeness Check.  If all is satisfactory you will be invited to submit a Full Application.

Full Application forms and the portfolio of supporting documents, which will include financial accounts, a business plan, quotes, confirmation of any permissions required etc. will be independently appraised before being considered by the LAG Executive Committee, who will make the final decision to approve projects for funding. There is an official appeals procedure for any project that is unsuccessful.

If you would like to discuss your project idea, or how to apply please Contact the Programme Management Team .