LAG Executive members

LAG Executive Committee papers will be held on a password protected page due to the sensitivity of some of the material. LAG Executive Committee Members can see papers on the LAG Executive Meetings Page.

LAG Executive Committee

The roles and responsibilities of the Executive Committee include:

  • To be representative, support the inclusive nature of the LAG, and provide skills and knowledge to help assess applications
  • Support the LAG and its Chairman
  • Construct the annual Delivery Plan
  • Set and monitor associated budgets
  • Approve LAG projects
  • Monitor and shape the progress of projects, the Delivery Plan and the achievement of our strategic objectives
  • Embed the LAG processes into the Programme to ensure they achieve the strategic objectives
  • Promote the Programme, the LAG and its successes

Key Principles:

  • Group not too large to enable decisions to be made, max of 15
  • Representation from key partners
  • Balance of private, public and community sector representation
  • Limit of no more than 49% public sector representation
  • Achieving a balance between the geographical areas, (Wiltshire/Somerset)
  • Achieving a balance between the National LEADER Priorities and the Heart of Wessex LAG Strategic Objectives
  • Key programme and partners able to be involved in a non-voting capacity
  • Right skills and experience to get the programme started and delivering quickly and effectively
  • Independent Chair

Current Executive Committee Members

Core Members

  • Mike Lewis – South Somerset District Council
  • Gary Collinson – Frome Town Council
  • John Parham – Mendip District Council
  • Bridget Wayman – Wiltshire Council
  • VACANT POST – Cranborne Chase Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • VACANT POST – Youth LAG Representative

LAG Forum Members

  • Lizzy Ralph
  • Simon Cullum
  • Andy Fussell
  • Susan Jonas
  • Naomi Kimber
  • Peter Quintana
  • Andi Witcombe/ Ed Humber
  • Colin Winder

Advisors (non-voting)

  • Helen Rutter/Martin Woods – South Somerset District Council
  • Anne Carney – Cranborne Chase Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • Peter Wheelhouse – Frome Town Council
  • Jenny Pitcher – Mendip District Council
  • Ali Morgan – Wiltshire Council