Partners List

Our current partners are:

    Cranborne Chase Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

    South Somerset Dsitrict Council

    Wiltshire Council

    Frome Town Council

    Wincanton Community Venture (The Balsam Centre)

LAG membership:

The LAG recognises that its strength lies in its partners and stakeholders and is working with other organisations to continue the bottom up approach. Anyone who lives or works in the area can become a LAG member, get involved with shaping the direction of the funding programme and have a fair and equitable say in which projects receive funding support. The LAG is consulting widely and bringing together individuals, groups and businesses from key sectors to build the evidence required to prepare a robust Local Development Strategy to secure future funding for rural communities. The priorities for this programme will be around increasing farm productivity, support for micro, small enterprises and farm diversification, rural tourism, provision of rural services, cultural and heritage activity and increasing forestry productivity, but ultimately it is you who will make the decisions about where investments go.

For further information please contact us.